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Wireless Power Transmission-PPT download

Wireless Power Transmission-PPT download
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Wireless Power Transmission(WPT):

Wireless Power Transmission(WPT) or Wireless Energy Transfer is the transmission of current or electricity from electrical source to power load.That is the power is generated and transmitted without the use of human made conductors.In wireless power  transfer, a wireless transmitter connected to power source will transfer field energy across an intervening space to one or more receivers, where it is converted to power again and it has been used.


WPT is mainly based on the magnetic induction. First know what is magnetic induction, You need two coils transmitter and receiver coils.An AC current in the transmitter coil produce magnetic induction that induces voltage in the receiver coil.The induced voltage can use to charge your mobiles.For this you need more coils and alternating currents for products.

wireless power transfer


There are two techniques in Wireless Power Transfer,  Non- Radiative and Radiative. In Radiative techniques, the power is transferred by means of beams of electromagnetic radiation.These techniques transfer the energy more distances but aimed at the receiver.In Non-Radiative the power is generated inductive coupling between the coils and transferred by means of magnetic fields.There are soo many applications of Non-Radiative such as electric toothbrush charges, RFID tags.briefly WPT is transmission of electricity from electrical source to power load without use of discrete human made conductors.

There are so many wireless technologies, below are some of those:

Wireless power transmission


Wireless Power Transmission is mainly based on the Microwave Power Transfer(MPT).MPT is the heart of WPT. In general MPT converts DC power to microwaves and transmits microwave radiation to target and convert it back to DC by at target.


The above figures the block diagram of MPT. Firstly microwave power is generated from microwave generator and that power is sent to coaxial wave guide adapter,it passes the microwave power to circulator. Here the waveguide circulator reduces the radiation to exposure from the outside and sent it to tuner and directional coupler. Directional coupler separates the signal according to signal propagation direction.Now the radiation is transferred through antenna to Low pass filter as well as a matching filter (devices which are in place to ensure that the impedance of the incident signal matches that of the Rectifier to follow), through diodes that only allow electrons to flow in one direction, and is then converted to DC by means of Rectifier.

Applications of WPT:

There are several applications of WPT in real life. Firstly WPT removes the modern charging method to wireless charging.As Electric Vehicles(EV) more popular on today roads, the feasibility of driving such a vehicle can be maximized via stationary and even mobile.

Limitations and Drawbacks of WPT:

The heart of Wireless power transmission is MPT,there are so many limitations to use MPT. That is we must use specified electromagnetic spectrum.The main limitation in MPT is transceiver and receiver at Line of Sight.For this we must use high efficiency directional antennas.


The focus of the discuss is about what is Wireless Power Transmission and how MPT works for WPT. The discussion began with Introduction of Wireless Power Transmission and briefly about process and  applications of WPT and finally with Limitations and drawbacks.Let us hope we will use wireless charging in few years.

Download the Wireless Power Transmission PPT Here.

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