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WiGig: Full Seminar Report Download PPT

WiGig: Full Seminar Report Download PPT
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WiGig: Full Seminar Report Download PPT:-

We are here know WiGig: Full Seminar Report download PPT. WiGig stands for Giga Bit Wireless Communication or Wireless Gigabit Alliance.It is operating at over 60GHZ Frequency band.


The Wireless Giga Bit Alliance commonly known as WiGig is the innovation in the communication field to transfer the data over 60 GHZ band.Now a days the common people also wants high data rates, this is the reason leads to innovation of Multi-gigabit Wireless communication.It is operating at Unlicensed frequency band of 60 GHZ, because it is only the Frequency band carrying high data rates over short distances.In WiGig Medium Access Control Layer(MAC),Physical Layer(PHY) and several protocol adaption layers(PAL) are developed to transmit data over inter operable devices. WiGig closely working with IEEE 802.11 such as Wi-Fi Alliance.


Now a days, The digital multimedia grown up day by day based on the availability this leads to need of faster data rates over high frequencies.The final output wants from this is support of advanced applications such as network access,wireless display and docking.

The WiGig(Wireless Gigabit) Alliance was established to meed the above requirements and customer needs as per the present and future. The WiGig MAC and PHY layers enables data transmission up to 7 Gbps, this is 10 times faster than the present Wi-Fi standard as per IEEE 802.11n. Presently Wi-Fi are using 2.4GHZ to 5GHZ spectrum but WiGig operates at 60GHZ, so much spectrum is used for channels and transmit the data at higher rates.The Wireless Gigabit Alliance is also working and operates as IEEE 802.11 Standards only.The specification enables advanced applications such as wireless docking , wireless connection to displays,wireless backups instantly,synchronization, wireless transmission between two computes and devices.


The WiGig key specification includes maximizes performance and minimizes implementation complexity and cost. WiGig also provides advanced security and compatibility with existing WI-FI, Some of below:

  1. Supports the data transmission rate up to 7 Gbps.,compatible with all devices that designed based on WiGig specification.
  2. Compatible with low power handled devices like Mobile phones and high power handled devices such as computers.So WiGig is designed based advanced power management.
  3. As WiGig works under IEEE 802.11 standard specifications,it provides transparency to switch from 2.4GHZ,5GHZ, Up to 60GHZ.
  4. It supports for beam-forming and strengthen the signal and enables robust communication beyond 10 meters.
  5. It provides advanced security by using Galois/Counter mode of AES Encryption Algorithms.
  6. It supports for high performance wireless implementations of HDMI, USB, Display port and PCIe.



WIGIG: Seminar Report with PPT

WiGig contains MAC and PHY layers as defined in the 802.11.These layers enables the native to support higher data rates over 60GHZ. Then it is very easy to produce the devices that supports with present WI-FI and WiGig over 2.4GHZ,5GHZ to 60GHZ. The WiGig also defining the PALs that supports specific data and display standards over 60GHZ.  Also Supports wireless connectivity that run over MAC and PHY as shown in figure.There are 2 PLAs namely Audio-visual(A/V) and Input-Output(I/O).A/V defines support for HDMI and display port and I/O supports for USB and PCIe.


WiGig uses Unlicensed 60GHZ spectrum instead of using 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ used in Wi-Fi. This 60GHZ spectrum is available for different countries is different.The spectrum available in 60GHZ band is 7GHZ but in 2.4GHZ,5GHZ band it is only 83.4MHZ.

The spectrum is divided into multiple channels because it has wide range of band to use.It has 4 channels each of 2.16GHZ band which is 50 times wider than as specified in 802.11n. So WiGig supports multi Gigabit data rates. These are helpful to transmit extremely high data rates such as uncompressed videos.

Modulation and coding Schemes:

The specifications supports two types of modulation and coding schemes,

  • OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing):It supports for communication over long distances with great delay spreads and provides flexibility in handling obstacles and reflected signals. OFDM supports higher data rates for transmisiion.
  • SC(Signal Carrier):SC results in low power consumption, that’s why WiGig supports for low power handled devices also.Signal Carrier supports data rates up to 4.6GHZ.


The MAC layer of the WiGig specification supports high security, reduce power consumption and supports for modern usage models.


Network Architecture:

The specification supports for new network architecture that supports two devices communicates directly with each other and new feature added is synchronization two devices and transmitting data to projector or Tv.

Seamless Multi-band Operation:

Multi-Band operation enables the user to transmit data at 60GHZ,if that band is not available then automatically switches to 2.4GHZ,5GHZ. This feature supports in only multi band devices otherwise we will use at lower frequency Wi-Fi channels.

Power Mnagement:

WIGIG devices can take advantage of reducing the power.If two devices communicate with through directional link with periods,In between those periods they can rest to save power.This feature especially important for mobiles.

Advanced Security:

WiGig enables strong security as on IEEE 802.11.It uses Galois/counter mode encryption algorithms to support up to 10Gbps. It uses Advanced Encryption Standards(AES) to encrypt the data.


PALs allows support to wireless implementations of computes and consumer electronics and interfaces over 60GHZ WiGig networks. PLAs enables highly efficient methods because they are defined on directly MAC and PHY. This maximizes performance and reduces power consumption.

WIGIG: Seminar Report with PPT

Figure: Protocol Adaption Layer of WiGig.


The A/V PAL provides support to transfer  wireless audio and video data over two devices such as computer and Tv/Projector.A/V PAL supports wireless implementations of HDMI and display port interfaces as well as high-bandwidth digital content protection(HDCP) scheme for protecting digital data.


The I/O PAL defines wireless implementations over computer interfaces such as USB and PCIe. USB basically used to connect computer with external peripherals and other devices and PCIe generally connects computer with CPU and memory I/O controllers that supports storage and other interfaces.This is also used to connect with visual processors and media to enhance picture quality.


The WiGig and PALs enables wide range of  new and old usage models over Gigabit data rates as shown below:
WIGIG: Seminar Report with PPT

Figure:Usage Models.


The aim of this is to transfer the the data over high data rates such as 7 Gbps over 60GHZ spectrum.In this we discuss about What is WiGig, What are layers responsible for high data transmission and finally usage models.

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