How To Use Whatsapp Without any Mobile Number

How To Use Whatsapp Without any Mobile Number
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Are you looking for How To Use Whatsapp Without any Mobile Number then check out here. We are going to discuss about the how to use whatsapp without any mobile or phone number.Before going to know how to use whatsapp without number,let us know some interesting facts about whatsapp.

How To Use Whatsapp Without any Mobile Number:

Now a days Whatsapp is the mostly using messaging app,it is available for all platforms like Android,Windows,IOS,etc.The only requirement for whatsapp is internet,if you have internet you will send and receive messages free of cost.The main advantages of the whatsapp are we will send messages,photos,Animated GIFs,Documents,Location information,Contacts also.Recently whatsapp added an feature that we will make voice and video calls also.So whatsapp will give tight competition to video chat apps also.

whatsapp without number

Do you know you will whatsapp without number,It’s time to look at how to whatsapp without any number.

Please follow the below steps:

1.First Uninstall the whatsapp in your mobile.[If you want photos or media just backup it]

2.Now download the latest version of whatsapp from play store without any installation      errors.

3.Now turn the mobile to Airplane mode by touching the button in notification bar[ whatsapp needs mobile number verification but our  vision is use whatsapp without number,so disable the cellular networks].

4.Now open the installed latest version of whatsapp and enter the mobile number,it won’t complete because mobile network is unavailable.

5.So whatsapp asked you to verify with alternative method,in that select verification through SMS and enter your valid e-mail address.Next step is very important,be careful.

6.Now enter SUBMIT button,Hey now enter immediately CANCEL button.

7.Now,install the spoof messaging app and send the message as :

TO: +447900347295,

FROM: +(country code)(mobile number)


  • Above process will send a spoof number,complete the verification with that number, wow now you are ready to use whatsapp without mobile number or phone number.now enjoy the whatsapp and send the unlimited messages and calls.



We will have some important and some personal whatsapp images and videos.Our friends are always wants to know our personals and secrets.So it’s better to hide the pics and videos.This post is help full for all whatsapp users,so do carefully.

If you wants to hide the whatsapp images and videos from the gallery please follow the below steps:

1.First download the ES File Explorer app from the play store.If you have already follow step 2.

how to hide images and videos from gallery

2.After installing the ES File Explorer,open it.Then click on Whatsapp folder then  open Media and then Whatsapp Images.As Whatsapp -> Media -> Whatsapp Images.

how to hide pictures and videos

how to hide imageshow to hide images and videos


3.Now long tap on the whatsapp images folder and Rename the Whatsapp Images folder to .Whatsapp Images.

4.Now your whatsapp images will n’t show in you gallery

The above procedure is common for all,so hide the the things what ever you want.

  • If you wants to hide the videos from gallery then go to Whatsapp -> Media -> Whatsapp video.
  • Now rename the Whatsapp Video folder to .Whatsapp Video.
  • Now your whatsapp videos are disabled in gallery.Now enjoy the trick.


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