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Track live status of home while you are in driving

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It’s a Security Camera That Can Understand What’s Going On At Home

Self-driving cars became the boon to the automobile industry. Before self-driving cars, Alex Teichman and Hendrik Dahlkamp were working down in the trenches. In 2009, Dahlkamp won a DARPA challenge for building an autonomous vehicle that could navigate urban environments.

Lighthouse home security camera uses AI to ID people

But three years ago, the two decided to go in an entirely different direction. Instead, Teichman and Dahlkamp founded Lighthouse to bring some of the technology that powers autonomous vehicles and put it into the home. Lighthouse, which launched on Thursday, is creating what looks like your standard home security camera, but it can recognize and distinguish what it’s seeing — such as adults, children or if someone is either entering or exiting through a door.

Even though billions of dollars are getting thrown at self-driving cars now by big companies and investors, Teichman doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on much. “It comes down to timing,” said Teichman. “We want to make a real impact on people’s lives now. Please comment your views below.

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