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Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know

Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know
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We are here to know Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know.Here we share the all Facebook tricks&tips of 2016.Now a days Facebook is the most used and liked messenger,so this post will help many people try with your Facebook.

Before going to Facebook tips & tricks 2016,let us know briefly about Facebook.Facebook is popularly known as Fb and it is mainly developed to connect the people around you. Because of this reason only Fb is most popular.There is no age limit and there is no restrictions to use Facebook.The only thing you need to do is you must create the account with Facebook.That is provide your valid details with your email ID or mobile number .It’s not only for messaging it is the right place for Entertainment also.Because the users will post images,videos,status updates,news,etc.This is the only reason we are using Facebook now a days.The only we know with Fb is chatting but there are more features and tips available with Facebook.Here i will tell you how to use Fb very effectively,that is Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks you must know.

Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know:

Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know

Below are the Top 5  Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know,look at the tips and enjoy Facebook more than now.

1.How to visible only to selected friends as online:

Facebook chat feature is the most used feature.At the time of chatting so many people will disturb you by sending messages on seeing you on online.Actually you don’t wants to reply for those people messages but you will reply because of he/she is your Fb friend.For Example if your chatting with your Girlfriend or you are chatting with your Boss regarding a project or clarification,then someone disturbs you will get angry.At that time follow the below method you will get relax and then chat with your secret people happily.

How to do it:

1.Go to Chat Found at  right side bottom of the screen and click on Gear (options)icon.

top 5 fb tips

2.Now click on Advanced settings,then a window will be open as Advanced chat settings.

Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know

3.Now start adding friends by typing their names on the text box.

4.Finally click on save button.Now you are visible to your entered account names only.

2.How to turn-off Facebook  videos auto-play:

One of the Inbuilt feature of Facebook is Auto play videos.We can observe the videos are playing by just opening the Facebook without tap on that video.If you wants to turn off this feature just follow the below process.

  1. Go to settings and then click on videos at left side.
  2. Now turn off the Auto play videos option.

facebook 2016 tips

Now the videos are not play without your proper request.

3.How to block App requests and Notifications:

We are opening our Facebook Account to chat with our loved one.But when we are opening Facebook there is no chat message from our loved one instead of that we are having App notifications and requests.So many people are irritated with these notifications and requests,I am also irritated by App requests and Notifications.Finally I got the trick how to Block app requests and notifications,just follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the triangle icon present at right side top.
  2. Then select Settings and then Blocking.
  3. Now enter the names of the apps you don’t wants to receive notifications.

Facebook tips and tricks 2016

4.How to edit your Facebook Adverts preferences:

Are you noticed any advert will appear in your timeline randomly.Then you don’t wants receive that ad in future, then follow this post.

The ad will be appear on your timeline will mainly based on the pages you like,your believes,profile interests,adds you click,etc.To disable the Adverts please follow the below steps.

1.Click on the Triangle icon present at top right side and then select settings.

2.Now Click on Ads option present at left side.

2016 Facebbok tips and tricks must know

3.Then click on “Ads based on my preferences”,then click on “Visit Ad Preferences”.

4.Now you will bring to the page where ad preferences will be edited.

5. Then select the add and press X on the add to remove.

Facebook latest tips 2016

Now Ad preferences are changed, enjoy the Facebook happily.

5.How to Download a copy of your Facebook data:

Having a fear of Hackers are hacking your account or someone is using your account.Then get the copy of history of your account.This will help you when you lost some content of Facebook.

Facebook will email you a Zip file containing all your data like information about Posts,Chats,Images,About section of your profile.If you wants to get your data just follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings by clicking on triangle icon present top right side of the page.
  • In General settings window just click on”Download a copy of your Facebook data”.
  • Then click on “Start my Archive”,Now it will ask for password enter it.

facebook tricks 2016

Facebook tricks you must know

Now a copy of your data data will be emailed to you.

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