Swiftkey New Transliteration Feature converts English letters into Hindi & Gujarati

Swiftkey New Transliteration Feature converts English letters into Hindi & Gujarati
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Swiftkey new transliteration keyboard feature coverts english letters into Hindi and Gujarati. Swiftkey launched most requested Transulation feature. Swiftkey, UK based company the subsidiary of Microsoft that brings artificial intelligence to smartphones by predicting word users type it.  Swiftkey is acquired by Microsoft in February this year for $250 million (approx. 1,720 crores). Swiftkey claimed more than 300 Million Android & iOS Using it. This new translation feature for Hindi and Gujarati speaking users.

According to Swiftkey, this new update for users will start rolling out on Monday, 28 November 2016, Allowing Gujarati and Hindi speakers can type there native script using keyboard without changing mode.

Swiftkey New Transliteration Feature converts English letters into Hindi & Gujarati:

When the User type ‘Namaste’ in English, the prediction bar sitting on top of the Swiftkey keyboard shows “Namaste” as “नमस्ते”. With this translation feature, user can type in English and use Hindi word from the prediction bar instead of typing in Hindi.

Swiftkey aim is to always typing easier, particularly if you speak more than one language without changing any settings.

The Google Indic keyboard app announced earlier this year offering similar feature in 11 different languages including Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu. As of now, Swiftkey keyboard performs those tasks only in Gujarati and Hindi. As of now Swiftkey performs in only in Hindi & Gujarati. While on Google Indic keyboard, we need to change to different mode to get English text in local language, but Swiftkey don’t need to change any settings to enable this option. The Swiftkey app can be download through google PlayStore and Apple Play Store on your own respective smartphones.

As per Swiftkey translation feature for other languages there are no clarification details announced till now. May be company can come with other popular language on coming updates. Past month Swiftkey keyboard Android App received major update introducing Incognito mode where the app doesn’t save any data and predictions also be stopped.  Initially Swiftkey listed in paid manner, but later developers made it free. Even the neural network from the Swiftkey Neural Alpha App are implemented to after most a year of testing.

What’s New in New Swiftkey Update:

  1. Introducing transliteration for Hindi and Gujarati – now we’ll predict and correct from Latin characters into script.
  2. Five new languages: Tibetan, Swiss German, Yakut, Low German (Plattdüütsch) & Kurdish (Kurmanji).
  3. Ongoing tweaks and improvements for a better typing experience.



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