How to Save and Send text phrase using Swiftkey for Android

How to Save and Send text phrase using Swiftkey for Android
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Searching for How to save and send text phrase using Swiftkey, then check out complete guide. Swiftkey is one of the major commonly used keyboards of Android devices. Today, Swiftkey Keyboard app became lot more useful App. Recently Swiftkey new update rolled out and allows to save various text phrases that can be used later, as well as Incognito mode for private texting.

How to Save and Send text phrase using Swiftkey for Android:

New Swiftkey update gotten Clipboard feature that allows you to save text phrases that you commonly use. The Clipboard feature can be accessed under the typing menu, once you accessed you’ll be given option to “Add a new text phrase” that will be saved in the keyboard.

swiftkey app

Once you saved, get access said text phrase by accessing Swiftkey hamburger menu and tapping on the clipboard icon. Further, tapping on the phrase itself will cause it to appear in the text box.

edit clipboard

Buy filling up the Shortcut box with a simple line of text, Swiftkey will automatically recommend the text phrase associated with the shortcut. By this you can successfully set a shortcut for your text phrases.

edit clip

This feature is very much useful for people who share their devices with multiple people. Finally, Incognito mode is now available for all Swiftkey Users. Incognito mode will allow users to use the keyboards without SwiftKey recording words being typed out. hamburger menu

Another new feature is Shortcuts, which users allow to set short word, such as ‘Home1’ that can expand to a phrase that’s tied into it, means Home address. “When the short word is type automatically Longer phrase added to text.”

Also check ->@ Swiftkey New update converts English letters into Hindi & Gujarati.

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