Light Based Neural Network Could lead to Super Fast Artificial Intelligence
Light Based Neural Network Could lead to Super fast Artificial intelligence. Creating computers that behave like Human brain, but is some thing else to make them performs same as brain. Conventional circuitry can only operate as quickly as part of Neural network, even in sometimes performs more than powerful. Artificial Intelligence Enable Computers behaves like… (0 comment)

How To Solve Mathematical Problems Using Your Mobile Camera
The advancement in the technology brings the world in a simple way.Here we will know the latest Advanced feature in the Mathematical background and we will discuss on How To Solve Mathematical Problems Using Your Mobile Camera. Now A days the people also attracting to the technology that is more simpler than the older.It is very… (1 comment)

Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know
We are here to know Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks-Must Know.Here we share the all Facebook tricks&tips of 2016.Now a days Facebook is the most used and liked messenger,so this post will help many people try with your Facebook. Before going to Facebook tips & tricks 2016,let us know briefly about Facebook.Facebook is popularly… (0 comment)

WiGig: Full Seminar Report Download PPT
WiGig: Full Seminar Report Download PPT:- We are here know WiGig: Full Seminar Report download PPT. WiGig stands for Giga Bit Wireless Communication or Wireless Gigabit Alliance.It is operating at over 60GHZ Frequency band. ABSTRACT: The Wireless Giga Bit Alliance commonly known as WiGig is the innovation in the communication field to transfer the data over… (0 comment)

5G Technology PPT Download and Full PDF Seminar Report
Know More about 5G Wireless Technology & 5G Technology PPT Download . Get 5G Technology Full PDF Seminar Report Download here. Today in the Market we had 4G Technology which turns huge industry changes till now. 4G Is Cheaper then 3G,2G. We are using 4G Mobile devices now and Enjoying Faster Internet Connections and Uninterrupted… (0 comment)

Wireless Power Transmission-PPT download
Wireless Power Transmission(WPT): Wireless Power Transmission(WPT) or Wireless Energy Transfer is the transmission of current or electricity from electrical source to power load.That is the power is generated and transmitted without the use of human made conductors.In wireless power  transfer, a wireless transmitter connected to power source will transfer field energy across an intervening space… (0 comment)

Top 15 Best Hacking Software for Windows Users
Top 15 Best Hacking Software for Windows Users. For windows Users we list out some best hacking tools of 2016. Most of people prefer Linux Operating System to Hack, because it is best Open Source Operating system. The below software’s are used for hacking purposes, Security threat Analysis, web vulnerability Scanner, password Crackers, forensics tools… (0 comment)