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New Battery Technology Will Let Phone Charge In Seconds, Last Over A Week

New Battery Technology Will Let Phone Charge In Seconds, Last Over A Week
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Recently in US  New Battery Technology is was developed which will  Let Phone Charge In seconds, last over a week. Also This Battery Technology claimed 30,000 recharge cycles which is 20 Times more than regular Lithium-Ion Batteries we are using today.


New Battery Technology Will Let Phone Charge In Seconds, Last Over A Week:

In the Latest Smartphones, we seen battery spec is one of the most important feature both user and manufacture is focus to improve the long life performance. All Major Smartphone handset makers focusing to enhance battery optimization. Upto now we seen major Improvements in Andriod for helping conserve battery life. But Current technology had limit on how frequency we have to charge to our phones but, Research team of UFA may be change in near future.

How ever, University of Central Florida (UFA) found a  solution by creating smaller batteries that charge in seconds. The Physical aspect of Batteries change over the years, now we are using thin batteries with Increased capacity. The Department of NanoTechnology at the UFC has developed flexible, and small Battery which charge in seconds.

Supercapacitors can be charged so quickly because they can store the electricity at Surface of the material. Current Batteries depend on Chemical reactions. It requires a two-dimensional material spread over a large surface area, which means graphene in the current material of choice. Graphene is difficult to be integrated with other supercapacitor materials, that’s why this approach is novel.

Eric Jung Says ” My Team wrapped the graphane around highly conductive nanowires to let electrons pass quickly from the core to the shell. That’s why we got high energy and power density battery prototype that’s pretty easy to produce.

Dr. Nitin Choudhary Says “If this happen we won’t need to charge the phone again for over a week. Moreover, it could let one charge  the mobile phone in few seconds.” As for Fast charge, thanks to increasingly present Type-C USB technology, these high performance batteries will use flexible metal and graphene to allow quick passage of electrons through the structure.

There is no doubt that this project maybe the future of batteries of smartphones. This technology survive 30,000 recharge cycles which is 20 times more than regular today’s Lithium Ion Batteries.

The Technology is currently under early stages of development and the researches are in the processes of trying patent technology. Lastly they stated ” For small electronic devices, our materials are surpassing the conventional ones in terms of energy density, power density, and cycle Stability.

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