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How to Make A Media Player in C Language Using ffmpeg

How to Make A Media Player in C Language Using ffmpeg
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Are you searching for Make a Media Player in C Language then create it in less than 1000 Lines using ffmpeg. C Language is a powerful general purpose language and well known programming code for every Engineer and graduate. let’s start out with step by step instruction for programming language.

ffmpeg is simple software for make simple media applications. ffmpeg is very fast video and audio converter that can also grab from live Audio/Video Source.

What is ffmpeg?

ffmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, which can able to decode, encode, trancode, mix, demux, stream, filter and play. FFmpeg simply complies, runs, and passes our testing infrastructure as normal coding software’s. The ffmpeg library for creating video applications or general purpose applications is best. If you had familiar knowledge of Libraries used for creating video applications. Then ffmpeg is similar one to you.

This simple tool is made with C Program, pretty fast to decode almost codec and encodes sever other formats as well.


How to Make a Media Player in C Language Using ffmpeg?

Initially I struggled to know more about ffmpeg online. there are no great online information available in Internet. After couple of searches I Found dranger.com which had all series guides about ffmpeg.

Checkout C Program Code by Martin Bohime at dranger.com and that code helps to develop a working media player.

To Get get the video and audio output of media file, SimpleDirectMedia Layer (SDL) has been used it’s good cross platform media Library used in many video games and media software. To compile the programs that’ll be taught in tutorial, download SDL Development libraries on your System/computer and Install it.

With some multimedia basis, Ideas queues, mutexes etc. will help you good to start with making your own media players. Click here to get started with this tutorial. On the page there is C Program file that can be downloadable, compile and follow along.

This article helps to gain more knowledge on enhance your coding skills. If you found this article helpful share with your friends.

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