It’s a Security Camera That Can Understand What’s Going On At Home Self-driving cars became the boon to the automobile industry. Before self-driving cars, Alex Teichman and Hendrik Dahlkamp were working down in the trenches. In 2009, Dahlkamp won a DARPA challenge for building an autonomous vehicle that could navigate urban environments. Lighthouse home security camera… (0 comment)

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail
How to schedule an email in gmail lets you schedule email messages with gmail and Boomerang. You can simply use Boomerang to schedule emails. Now a days there is no one with out idea of Gmail. Every one is using Gmail for Business, Education, Job, etc. Here is the good news for all candidates who… (0 comment)

How to Find Who Logged into your Computer and When?
Now I am back with useful and security monitor trick. Here we will discuss How to Find Who Logged into your Computer and When?. Are you feeling that someone using your computer and felt irritating with those guys? if Yes, Here is the solution. Follow the below method and know who logged into your computer and… (0 comment)

How to Make A Media Player in C Language Using ffmpeg
Are you searching for Make a Media Player in C Language then create it in less than 1000 Lines using ffmpeg. C Language is a powerful general purpose language and well known programming code for every Engineer and graduate. let’s start out with step by step instruction for programming language. ffmpeg is simple software for… (0 comment)

Swiftkey New Transliteration Feature converts English letters into Hindi & Gujarati
Swiftkey new transliteration keyboard feature coverts english letters into Hindi and Gujarati. Swiftkey launched most requested Transulation feature. Swiftkey, UK based company the subsidiary of Microsoft that brings artificial intelligence to smartphones by predicting word users type it.  Swiftkey is acquired by Microsoft in February this year for $250 million (approx. 1,720 crores). Swiftkey claimed… (0 comment)

ARM Processor Based Web Server
We are here to know the ARM Processor Based Web Server. ARM originally Acorn RISC machine and later it named as Advanced RISC machine. ARM Processor Based Web Server is the latest evolvement in the web server to de facto user interface for a variety of applications such as embedded Real time applications. ARM Processor Based… (0 comment)