How to Save and Send text phrase using Swiftkey for Android
Searching for How to save and send text phrase using Swiftkey, then check out complete guide. Swiftkey is one of the major commonly used keyboards of Android devices. Today, Swiftkey Keyboard app became lot more useful App. Recently Swiftkey new update rolled out and allows to save various text phrases that can be used later,… (0 comment)

Swiftkey New Transliteration Feature converts English letters into Hindi & Gujarati
Swiftkey new transliteration keyboard feature coverts english letters into Hindi and Gujarati. Swiftkey launched most requested Transulation feature. Swiftkey, UK based company the subsidiary of Microsoft that brings artificial intelligence to smartphones by predicting word users type it. ¬†Swiftkey is acquired by Microsoft in February this year for $250 million (approx. 1,720 crores). Swiftkey claimed… (0 comment)