Best YouTube Channels to Learn Robotics Engineering and Programming

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Robotics Engineering and Programming
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YouTube is Popular Video sharing website In Internet. Self Learning is started with the help of YouTube. Many YouTubers are make videos and simplify the complex things. YouTube is not only meant for entertainment it also largest platform for Knowledge sharing.

For Instance 19 year-old Ellis Ware is a Robot wars Who learned all of his engineering skills on YouTube. Instead of attending college or University, he watched programming and engineering videos, actually built Pulsar, the Robot that became an Instant Sensation. Some of most effective YouTube Channels that can help you to Learn Robot Programming Using Python.Python is Best programming Language for Robotics. If you already had a knowledge on Python Programming then have a look on Channels listed below.

People who had knowledge in Programming, especially in Python the following list is helpful. The Following list is about Best YouTube Channels to Learn Robotics Engineering and Programming.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Robotics Engineering and Programming:

Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry is Tiny computer which used to learn programming in piratical way. With Raspberry Pi you can learn how to code programming languages like Python and Scratch. Sentdex is one of the popular YouTube Channel which share about Robotics with Raspberry Pi and GoPiGo and some Python coding stuff. In this Channel Lean how to build a program using your own Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Robotics Series

In this Channel to get deeper insights about Python Programming for Robotics. If you had Knowledge about Python programming then you can enjoy all the videos. If you are beginner then its tough to understand concepts. In the tutorials theories and logic behind programming are best explained.

This Channel discuss about how programming can be connected to actual electronic components. By the end of series you may create Password enabled door, automatic lawn watering system, and other simple robots. Start learning with How to connect LED to Raspberry Pi’s general purpose input-output (GPIO) Pins, How to turn On/Off using Python code.

Robotics Engineering

If you earned best knowledge in Robotic Programming , and looking to learn Physical side of Robotics, the below listed YouTube Channels helped for you. A Robotic Engineer is responsible for creating Robots and Robotic System that are able to perform duties that human are either unable to complete.

Learning Robotics and Electronics Basics:

This is one of the best channel to learn about Robotics and Electronics Basics. I recommend many upcoming programmers to learn more about Python. The Instructor Bucky Roberts, starts with Robotics and Electronics Introduction.

The Core topics deal with about testing Voltages, Building circuit,Testing Batteries, Alligator Chips, resistors and technical terms that needed to built Robot.


Do you had good fundamental knowledge about Electronics, then jump out to build robot. Botyard’s 5-Part Video series are best pick for you. This Video Series shows how to create a Robot from a recycled flashlight, multiple LED, Arduino Uno and other.. Interesting right

Electronics Engineering Video Blog (EEVB):

EEVBlog for Engineers, Hobbyists, Hackers and makers. Through this channel find different kinds of electronics and what they are used for, testing and debunking mynths, hacking electronic products.

>Visit EEVB Channel.

Sparkfun Electronics

SparkFun is Interesting and fun YouTube Channel to learn about Engineer Robots and Program them. If you not familiar with Raspberry Pi, Then Get Started with Raspberry Pi and learn concepts and in Playlist you will learn how to use Raspberry pi to build a tweeting weather station.

After that learn how to work with embedded electronics tutorials which deals with Boards and Circuitry. Finally , Introduction to Robotics series of videos are available. Watch every video and get full understanding of what you are trying to build.

Introduction to Robotics by Standford

Interested to learn theoretical approach on Robotics then you can learn from Standford. Theoretical concepts is always helpful to build advance level Robots. A Series of lectures about Robotics Concepts like trajectory generation, spatial descriptions, motion planning, dynamics, inverse and forward kinematics, force and position control and more.

Conclusion: Looking to start learning Robotics Engineering and Programming then start with the above listed YouTube Channels. I hope you like this article.


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