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ARM Processor Based Web Server

ARM Processor Based Web Server
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We are here to know the ARM Processor Based Web Server. ARM originally Acorn RISC machine and later it named as Advanced RISC machine. ARM Processor Based Web Server is the latest evolvement in the web server to de facto user interface for a variety of applications such as embedded Real time applications.

ARM Processor Based Web Server:


World Wide Web has been evolving day by day then the underlying technologies are much useful than just browsing the web. Due to this web browsers supports embedded real time applications such as Remote Data Acquisition System. This leads to web servers being deployed on the various embedded processors such as Advanced RISC Machine(ARM). The main story of the ARM Processor Based Web Server is to develop an Embedded web server using ARM 7 processor.

Most commonly the web pages are developed using HTML code, in the ARM Processor Based Web Server also required web pages are developed using HTML. The Embedded C language has been used for developing the ARM Processor Based Web Server. The Embedded web server which is developed using Embedded C language can be beneficial for real time mission critical applications such as Remote Data Acquisition Systems, ATM network and many more.

The developed web server boost up the business performance by automating and orchestrating processes across the total enterprises. The enterprise users can easily collaborate with ARM Processor Based Web Server . They can communicate flexibly and uses cost- effectively with their business partners.



Generally a web server is a system which accepts the requests from clients, process it and give the response to those requests. The web server composes of OS, Application and memory rarely hardware also.

Embedded Web Server:

General used web servers required megabytes of memory, preemptive multitasking OS, fast processor and many more resources. A web server is embedded in to a device and that embedded system is used to serve the embedded web documents, both static dynamic information about the embedded systems to the browsers.  These servers are called Embedded Web Servers.

ARM Processor Based Web Server

Commonly an embedded server is a micro controller containing the system software and the application code required to controlling and monitoring the system. Because of embedded servers containing embedded network inside it processes the requests very fast.


ARM Processor Based Web Server

The above figure gives the pictorial representation Embedded Web Server Architecture. The embedded web server is the combination of RTOS, Application, Data Base, Target Board. RTOS manages the tasks in parallel in less time and the OS manages the sending HTML pages and connecting new users.

The web based management user interfaces using embedded web servers has many more advantages such as ubiquity, user friendliness,  Low development cost and high maintainability. These web servers are different requirements as low resource usage, high reliability, security and portability for which general servers doesn’t suit. also there are design issues such as HTTP and Embedded API.


There are so many applications of ARM Processor Based Web Server. Many researchers have designed the server for different applications, some of them below:

1.Embedded Web Server for Weather Monitoring:

The Embedded Web Server designed for Weather monitoring is based on Ethernet Technology. This Embedded web server monitors Parameters viz temperature and humidity and transmits this info to the Web page in the form of HTML . Here we wants to use LM35 semiconductor temperature sensor and SY-HS-220 Humidity module to provide accuracy about 1 to 2 centigrade.

2.EWS for monitoring Home Appliances:

A low cost electronic prototype is designed for monitoring and controlling Home appliances through browser. The user can also monitor the security at home by installing suitable sensors, through web browser in real time. For this we can use WIZ220IO  as the EWS via internet.

3.EWS For temperature and CO2 monitoring:

The system with ARM processor LPC1768 and Ethernet configuration can be used to monitoring the Temperature and CO2 monitoring in the industry. For this we wants to use LM35 temperature sensor and CO2 gas sensor.


The Basic aim of the project is developed Embedded web server and also we cover the architecture of embedded server. Lastly we are discussed about the real time applications of ARM Processor Based Web Server in remote monitoring based on Ethernet configuration. Finally  I concluded with hope this technology will emerged rapidly into market.

Here we updated the ARM Processor Based Web Server. If you have any questions or queries please comment below, we will try to solve it asap. If you like the post share with your friends. Questabuzz.com updates latest tips and tricks, latest technology information, latest seminar topics.

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