7 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Android Phone You Must Know

7 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Android Phone You Must Know
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7 Simple Tips and Tricks to Speed up Android Smartphones and Tablets will help make your gadget run like new.

After using few months Smartphone get slower right. This is common problem every smartphone user face. Below we discuss seven tips to speed up your Android Smartphone like a new one.

7 Simple Tips to Speed Up your Android Phone

1. Uninstall or Disable Unused Apps

you device had limited Internal Storage and less free space and had bunch of Apps, Music, Photos and Videos. we recommend to free up some space by uninstalling App or moving files to cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Uninstall or Disable Unused Apps

How to Uninstall Apps? Simply go to settings > open Apps menu > Select the App you like to Uninstall. some preloaded Apps from manufactures that cannot be uninstall.

You can also expand memory with MicroSD Option. Simply move the Apps, Images, Videos, Music to External memory.

To Do this, Go to Settings > App Menu >Click on App you wish to move and select the ‘Move to SD Card’ Option.

2. Clear Cache regularly

Lot of Best Cache cleaners Apps available in Google Play Store, flushing cache improve the performance of smartphone. Cache Cleaners Automate the process of removing cache of each app automatically with simple click. These are my favorite Apps which I use.

Clear Cache

  1. Avast Cleanup & Boost.
  2. CCleaner.

3. Disable Animations and extras

To Disable Animations go to Settings > About Phone > { } Developer Options. Next Turn off ‘Window Animation Scale’, ‘Transition animation scale’, ‘Animator duration scale’.This will disable all animations that will occur when you open, close and switch between Apps.

Disable Animations

Are you using Launchers, Then depend on the Launcher your’e utilizing, you might discover lot of animations happens every action you do. Launchers looks stunning it eats performance and battery too.

Go to Launcher settings to see if there is way to disable any of the unnecessary extras, you could earn yourself a speed boost.

4. Limit Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets are one of best benefits of using Android phone. Widgets can helpful to finding information quickly information without need to open a Application. If you had any Widgets running that you don’t need, consider to disable them first.

Widgets and live wallpapers consumes battery and slow down your device. You can simply remove it on Long pressing and drag to top of the screen “delete icon’.

5. Get Software Updates

Smartphone Manufacturers and careers pushes Software’s updates. If you get Software update notifications then update and Enjoy the latest operating system & Improved security features. latest firm updates fixes bugs, improves security & UI Experience.

Software Updates

To Check to see if there any update available Go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > options and check.

6. Reboot or Restart your device

A Simple fix for a Slow down device is simply restart it, get things running smoothly again.

Yes, Restarting or Rebooting your device actually works. Because restarting the phone do clears the Phone RAM memory and halt the unnecessary Apps running process in background.

7. Don’t Install Apps from Third Party Sources

Dont Install from Third Party Apps

If you are installing apps from third party sources then you might face issues regarding Slow down, repeated shutdown. Because these apps may contain some malicious code performs some unknown activity background and may slow down the phone’s performance. We always recommend to use Google Play store to download apps.


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