It’s a Security Camera That Can Understand What’s Going On At Home Self-driving cars became the boon to the automobile industry. Before self-driving cars, Alex Teichman and Hendrik Dahlkamp were working down in the trenches. In 2009, Dahlkamp won a DARPA challenge for building an autonomous vehicle that could navigate urban environments. Lighthouse home security camera… (0 comment)

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail
How to schedule an email in gmail lets you schedule email messages with gmail and Boomerang. You can simply use Boomerang to schedule emails. Now a days there is no one with out idea of Gmail. Every one is using Gmail for Business, Education, Job, etc. Here is the good news for all candidates who… (0 comment)

How to Save and Send text phrase using Swiftkey for Android
Searching for How to save and send text phrase using Swiftkey, then check out complete guide. Swiftkey is one of the major commonly used keyboards of Android devices. Today, Swiftkey Keyboard app became lot more useful App. Recently Swiftkey new update rolled out and allows to save various text phrases that can be used later,… (0 comment)

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Without Using any Software on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista
Sometimes we mistakenly or wanted delete files from computer, then we get frustrated about that. Finally, we realize that file is important and started some techniques to get back those deleted files, we may try some couple of methods but nothing works out well. In this Guide I will show some interesting tricks to Recover Permanently… (0 comment)

How to Find Who Logged into your Computer and When?
Now I am back with useful and security monitor trick. Here we will discuss How to Find Who Logged into your Computer and When?. Are you feeling that someone using your computer and felt irritating with those guys? if Yes, Here is the solution. Follow the below method and know who logged into your computer and… (0 comment)